March 21st, 2010


Super Junior SuperShow2 Malaysia leg pics

I concluded I probably have to make a couple of, if not several posts because of the number of pics I have. I didn't intend to post a lot because my camera is old and doesn't take the best pictures, but as I uploaded and the flashbacks of last night came back to me, I couldn't help but upload more and more pics! *grins from ear to ear*

We waited for hours in the sun because we got there early in the bus with the SG Elfs. And queued 3 times to get the Suju animal characters cartoon tees. I got Hyuk's Asia Anchovy one!!! Although the quality isn't as good as our SPAO tees (yes we got SPAO tees in Korea with Sungmin and Heechul faces on them, but that will make it to another post) and it's grossly overpriced (oh SM I hate you), I'm so happy we managed to get our hands on them anyway. *grins even more*

Okay the waiting sucked. It was SO HOT and there were SO MANY people. Once we got in, we had to wait another hour before Suju appeared, during which, the organisers gave us lots of false alarms that the concert was going to start. The first few times I got excited, after that I was like, I'm tired and hungry...WHERE IS MY SUJU!?!?!?!?! grrrrr...

LOL. But took some pics while waiting.


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I'm going to stop here because my brain has stopped working basically. Suddenly the tiredness of one week of non-stop travelling is getting to me and I feel as tired as Yesung looks. *wishes tmr were Sunday*

Will continue with the other parts tmr! 

I want to see them all over again pls. LIke, NOW. keke...