June 7th, 2010


Super Junior Galaxy S showcase in Singapore (6 June 2010) pics

(1) Only pics. Fancams were BAD because of the awful sound system.
And I only took pics when they were being interviewed/celebrating Ryeowook's birthday because lighting was bad as well.
Any pics taken when they were dancing/moving (being the hyperactive energizer bunnies that they are)
would've turned out a big blur mess anyway.
But with 2pm nuna choh 's camera I got a better zoom and managed to get close up pics :D

Other notes:
(1) Donghae is a FLIRTY FISH with a plethora of facial expressions. ;p
(3) Sungmin was a happy boy :D
(4) Wook gets cream on his nose.

Collapse )

I am just so PSYCHED that they are really finally going to come here for Super Show 3.
They are one group that is really FUN to see not only because of their stage presence and performances, but for the fan service and craziness that are the added bonuses.
They have even managed to squeeze their silly antics into an hour's showcase. I LOVE IT. Totally.
BRB putting aside cash for SS3!